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Training and treatments

Luca Fortuna offers three types of services aimed at SPA, hotels and wellness centers:




1. SPA Experience Design


The most comprehensive consulting service, which, through the application of the scientific study of aromatherapy disciplines, allowsg complete design services for the SPA and competitive positioning definition. The service consists of:

- Joint definition of the SPA identity and its competitive positioning

- Design of the SPA concept

- Customer Experience Design

- Design and development of treatments and SPA menu

- Eventual formulation of products exclusively for the SPA

- Training for the SPA staff

- Drafting of supporting material

The objective is the design of a strongly characterized and distinctive SPA, offering effective treatment thanks to aromatherapy studies with scientific degree.


It is suitable for newly built SPA, at the beginning of their opening, or in the process of a new complete turnaround or makeover.




2. Creation of SPA treatments


The service consists of the design and development of specific SPA treatments, to be included in a consistent way within an already existing context. It provides the possible development of exclusive products and training aimed at the staff.

The objective is the design of the SPA menus or of SPA specific treatments, that are highly contemporary, with a strong impact for the final client, as well as improvement / renovation of existing treatments.


It is suitable for already operational and active SPA.




3. Staff training


The service is based on specific training courses for the personnel working inside the SPA, from the front desk operators, designed entirely ad hoc in accordance with the customer.

The objective of the training is to increase the knowledge of applied aromatherapy, service delivery expertise and customer experience management, by the SPA staff.


It is suitable for all the typologies of SPA.