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luca fortuna

Who is Luca Fortuna


Born in Italy in 1973, he has lived in Europe, America and Asia. Traveling, knowing, discovering and experiencing are the basic elements of his life. In parallel to higher education he has taken the road of natural disciplines, studying aromatherapy and naturopathy.

In 1993 he starts a study on aromatic materials in France and then continue in the Arabian Peninsula. Essential Oils and the world of botanical perfumery become the passion of Luca Fortuna, who begins his consultant activities in 1995. In that period, he realizes the first products with exclusive formulas, that were an immediate success.


He continues deepening the study of aromatherapy and becomes an internationally recognized expert on the various disciplines of which aromatherapy is composed:


_ Applied Aromatherapy: the study and use of essential oils for health and well-being;.

_ Psycho-Aromatherapy: the study of the psychological effects of essential oils.

_ Subtle Aromatherapy: the study of the influences of essential oils on the energy and spiritual existence.

_ Aroma-SPA: the study and formulation of beauty products based on essential oils.


In 2000 thanks to an inspiring trip to Bangkok he meets the Eastern tradition. These are the years in which he lives among Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok, and where he discovers a new dimension of fragrances: the environmental aromatherapy, the olfactory marketing, the study of the relationship between the sense of smell and the customer,  and how the perfume can influence the purchasing behavior.

During the last years, he develops a series of unique techniques that are the result of extensive studies and the accumulated experience, starting from the study of traditional perfumery, the extraction methods of natural essences and he defines the codes of Botany Perfumery.


Currently Luca Fortuna creations attract customers and companies from around the world, and they are characterized by an out of the ordinary dimension, an olfactory alchemy of the ancient lost fragrances, stir unedited originals.

He has realized different olfactory sceneries for events, using the perfume as a universal means of communication, overcoming any barrier, culture and language. Currently, its products are sold in over 30 countries.


He teaches Aromatherapy at different levels (basic courses, specializations, intensive seminars) and heis engaged in a dense dissemination activity, thanks also to the numerous publications. By appointment he is available for individual and business consultations.