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luca fortuna


Discovering the true Aromatherapy




Aromatherapy has its roots in the first civilization and it has developed over thousands of years, thanks to the skills, now scientifically proven, to produce effects on the mind and body.

Aromatherapy identifies the system of actions that are produced on health, wellness, beauty, nutrition and the environment by the use of aromatic materials. It is divided into different branches and it offers a huge potential of benefits in different fields




The study of the therapeutic potential to prevent and treat diseases and improve well-being. It consists of Applied Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy and Integrated Evolutionary Aromatherapy.




The study of the link between psyche and perfume, of the interactions with the nervous system, with emotions, memory and the unconscious. It is divided into Psycho-Aromatherapy Applied Aroma-characteriology, Psycho Aromatherapy, Evolutionary Aromatherapy and Psychosomatics Aromatherapy.



Suble Aromatherapy

The study of the link between neuroscience, quantum physics, energy and aromatic materials, the discovery of the thinnest part of existence.




The applied study that is based on the health and beauty potential inherent in the most powerful natural, active, aromatic materials, and their use for the treatment of face, body and hair.



Environmental Aromatherapy

An ancient art, sacred to some populations, the environmental perfumery, under the light of the latest discoveries and scientific researches, in order to study how, with every breath you inhale, aromatic molecules "dialogue" with the body and the psyche.




The aromatic materials

Up to now, over 10,000 published studies confirm the action of aromatic materials. They represent "the soul" of the plant, which include essential oils, essences, dyes and absolute. They are natural organic substances produced by plants, and they are extracted using traditional techniques from the bark, the leaves, the fruits, roots, flowers and fragrant woods.


The aromatic materials are extremely complex: an essential oil can contain more than 800 different active molecules. Powerful, effective and focused, they have no equal in the world. They are ethereal substances, aromatic and fascinating.



The correct choice of essential oils is of paramount importance to ensure the use of oils of aromatherapy  grade and suitable for a safe and professional use.



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