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olfactory tests

by Luca Fortuna

T H E   O L F A C T O R Y   T E S T

B Y  L U C A  F O R T U N A


The Olfactory Test by Luca Fortuna helps to discover different ways to access our deepest resources and to open paths for the full potential of self-expression and self-realization. It's a journey in two directions: inwards to find a deeper access to our soul, and outwards, to the outside, for the free expression.

It represent a key to a sort of self deep reading. The daily routine can benefit greatly from the knowledge of the predominant emotions and impulses. Small changes can infact lead to great benefits and improvements in the quality of life. tO  find out what you fear, what you need, where to focus, the unresolved problems, traumaS, personal symbols.

The test brings out a lot of information on the person who does it: some of these are conscious, others unconscious. The peculiarity is to bind both conscious elements, both unconscious elements.

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