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Natural and organic cosmetics

Formulation services

The experience of Luca Fortuna, gained over the last two decades, allows us to offer our business partners a unique and customized service, developing advanced and competitive products that stand out from the rest of the market.

The efficacy of a formulation depends on the creativity and knowledge of aromatherapy. The quality of raw materials, how they are combined, the synergy that is achieved and the operating techniques represent a winning strong product.




The formulations services are articulated in the following phases:


 1. Project management consultancy

     Study of the project and encoding of sensory elements.



2. Definition of the product concept

    Creation of the elements that define the product exclusively for the customer.



3. Product Design

    Creation and translation of the olfactory neurosensory elements and stimuli.



4. Support to the procurement phase

      Selection and procurement aimed at starting the manufacturing process.



Luca Fortuna realizes:


_ Custom made cosmetics products and aroma-cosmetics


_ Cosmeceuticals Products


_ Aromatherapy Mix and olfactory identity products


_ Custom made perfumes


_ Environmental perfumes


_ Food supplements and food flavorings



The new Detox advanced program, in 8 formulations, suitable for all requirements. This extraordinary protocol has a unique formulation for helping in the total elimination of toxins from the body. Immediate and easy to use, it is designed to maintain health at an optimal level.

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