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From sensory marketing to olfactory branding

Neurophysiology confirms that smell is the most complex sense organ, and in many ways, the most important for humans. Closely related to the immune system, the endocrine system and the sphere of eros, it decide likes or dislikes, and it can sum up an entire environmental situation through one inque sensation; it can become the vehicle of feelings and memories, because it is the place of the olfactory memory, where human feelings and instinctive responses are generated.


The nose is directly connected to the limbic system, the oldest part of the brain, the place of emotions and memory, where we process instinctive responses that predispose to certain behaviors.

The olfactory message is so particularly effective because it operates on a communication channel that is not saturated with too many messages and it emotionally involves the recipient. Moreover, the sense of smell is constantly active with the act of breathing and cannot be disabled.




Luca Fortuna realizes projects of:




Olfactory Marketing

From the smell, to the buying behavior

The last frontier of marketing. It is based on the capacity of odors to arouse emotions directly in the places that preside over their processing, the limbic system, and to influence consumer purchasing behavior, and environmental perception.




Olfactory branding and olfactory logo

Creating olfactory identity in the client's memory

Communicating a system of values and information through a perfume. This allows the client to identify a brand and its products, in a store or during an event. Scientific research shows that the olfactory memories do not fade away, and are much more persistent and interactive than visual and auditory ones.

The creation of an olfactory logo is a complex process that includes analytical and creative elements, and turns out to be the epitome of knowledge of olfactory psychology and aromatherapy, combining insight and inspiration. The olfactory logo may be used on physical tools (paper, card, textiles, etc.), and widespread in the environment too.





Projects and olfactory architectures are entirely "tailor-made" and exclusively for the client and cater to different spaces:


Hotel, Resort and HoReCa sector.

To make the experience of the guest's arrival unique, planning olfactory spaces and giving a memory. It is possible to use the ambient scent in the various spaces, as a sort of olfactory unfolding of a story, leaving an indelible mark in the memory of those who have stayed there.


▪ Retail: showrooms and shops

To design the customer's purchasing experience, and achieve objectives: to facilitate entry, to promote and strengthen the image of the store, stimulating selective attention, highlight paths, and promote products.

The Smell is one of the cornerstones of modern multi-sensory communication. Expertly stimulated, it amplifies the effectiveness of the messages in the various rational and emotional components. On the basis of the client's communication goals, it is possible to create sets and olfactory equipment for events, presentations, exhibitions and performances.

A distinctive element of the fragrance came from the study and the creation of 100% natural fragrances, selected and designed to achieve a predetermined effect. For the complexity of psychological, emotional and sensory-related aspects, this means of business communication involves a creative synergic approach with absolute scientific rigor.


Yatchs, Leisure & travel

Thanks to an ad-hoc olfactory project it is possible to set up spaces for the travel industry: yachts, cars, private jets.


▪ Office and working space

To convey the identity of a corporate brand, to improve air quality, to contain the chemical and electromagnetic pollution, and to reduce pathogens. Thanks to Psycho-Aromatherapy, it is possible to create environmental blends that can enhance the welfare / efficiency combination.

Even guests, customers, partners may be pleasantly surprised by the olfactory stimulation.



Wedding Day Fragrances
Fror the most important day ever.

Your signature wedding day scent, for a memorable experience that will bring with you the memory of the most important day of your life. Creations, both for the bride and husband, and the ambience, are carried out customizing the scent in accordance with the Client, and can be diffused on textiles, objects, and preciously preserved after the wedding, for living once again the fairy tale of the magic day.



Food and wine

The multi-sensory dimension is an important aspect of cooking: the taste is stimulated by smell, which is heavily dependent, offering a unique sensory experience.